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We are on a mission

We want to challenge the status quo. We want to build a community. We want to learn from each other’s experiences. We want to stay inquisitive, and find answers. Where we need them. When we need them.

Staging the personal meeting

The ambition is that The Trade Show Academy always will be able to cover all the knowledge, and insights about all the important topics. Topics like the ROI, objectives, the personal meeting, booth staff training, booth zones, measurement of results, lead generation. All the input that come into play when you need to stay successful in staging the personal meeting.  

Online courses tailored to you

Many marketing, and event professionals may feel all alone when planning, and executing trade shows, and events. But there is plenty of help to get. From planning, and executing to collecting your fantastic results. 

Knowing what you get out of all your hard work is what matters. 
This is were The Trade Show Academy comes in. We’ve created courses tailored the different stages in your trade show participation. 

From Seminar to Online Academy

In 2009 Jakob Dyrbye, owner and trade show expert hosted his first in-person seminar on “How to achieve more success with trade shows and events”

Hundreds lectures, seminars, kick-offs, workshops, networking events, staff training programs (and more) later and The Trade Show Academy is created in 2022. 

A platform, where you can gain or refresh your knowledge within trade shows and event, because a succesful trade show is SO much more than a beautiful booth design. It’s about creating value on all aspects of the trade show, such as:

Meet the people behind The Trade Show Academy

We believe that the personal meeting is amazing. That genuine human to human connection. And we are very passionate about your success. That’s why we’ve set on a mission to make you the best exhibitor you can possibly be.

We are a passionate team of professionals, who are dedicated to make your team experience even more success with your trade show participation. Each member plays a crucial role in the success story that is The Trade Show Academy. Meet the people driving our mission below. 

Heidi Lauritsen
Graphic Designer

Making your dream stand concept come true

Natasja Gamborg
Marketing Manager

Want to discuss SoMe, e-mails or content?

Faris Hassan
Digital Specialist

Creating a seamless user experience

Jakob Dyrbye
Founder, educator & believer

What are your pains? Let's turn them into gains

Your go-to Face-to-Face Marketing Hub

The Trade Show Academy is the place, where you can take your face-to-face marketing skills to the next level. Our online courses cover different aspects of trade show participation from lead generation to booth management, providing you with the tools to excel at every trade show. 

Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, on any device – your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The courses are filled with easy-to-follow video modules, complemented by guides and tools for practical application.

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The Why & the How​

Since 2009, Jakob has articulated both “the why” and “the how.” Standing in front of and speaking to thousands of professionals both nationally and internationally, Jakob has aimed to challenge the status quo and explore solutions beyond ‘business as usual.’

Jakob Dyrbye is the brain and driving force behind The Trade Show Academy. Since 1995, he has been working in the trade show and event industry, hosting numerous seminars, workshops, and networking events for companies under the Faust Dyrbye umbrella, aiming to maximize their exhibition activities.

On The Trade Show Academy platform, you’ll encounter an empathetic, challenging, and appreciative instructor in Jakob, who is well-versed in the challenges and issues facing both you and your company.

Jakob willingly shares his knowledge, tips, tricks, and invaluable insights, enabling you to achieve even greater success with your exhibitions.

"One of the most impressive aspects of Jakobs speech was his ability to convey practical and actionable advice. He offered real-world examples that illustrated his points, giving us a clear idea of what we could do to improve our own exhibition and trade show return on investment."

Christoffer Back
Group Sales & Marketing Director, Ocee & Four Design


We look at some of the biggest pains in trade show planning and help you overcome them in an easy and manageable way. No 6-hour videos. Just short and to the point. 


We’ll give you the tools to align, motivate and train your trade show staff, so that everyone knows how to give guests the best experience and which objectives to aim for. 


Your trade show results will be clear and you’ll know if you have meet your objectives. By knowing this, you know what to do different and optimize for next time. 

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Can you afford NOT to train your team?

“It is essential for a company’s success that both management and employees continuously get the necessary (formal) trade show and event training. 

Countless man-hours and vast economic resources go into trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, events, and experiences around the world. Yet very few of us can pinpoint the specific benefits these investments provide, why I ask: can you afford not to train your team?”

– Jakob Dyrbye, Trade Show Expert

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