Despite the enormous time and money put into trade fairs, only 12,5% can pinpoint the specific results this investment provide
We want to change that

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Why the personal meeting
matters more now than ever

Meeting in person is incomparable. It can do something very special, and will always survive all “attacks”. Yes, you can shop online in seconds, but you won’t get the smiles, handshakes, conversations, reunions, surprises, inspiration, aspiration or hugs that you do at the fair.

That is why we must become more skilled. We owe that to each other, and to all those who invest the most precious thing they have. Their time.

Connecting the disconnected

Our dream is to unite face-to-face marketing professionals from across the world. To develop, and nurture the tremendous potential that all of us who work with face-to-face marketing possess. 

All of our resources, and skills must come into play. By gathering new knowledge, by studying new trends, by challenging each other, and by sharing what we have, we can all improve ourselves professionally, and set new standards for face-to-face marketing. 

68% of companies
do not agree on how they define trade show success
across teams in the organization
Up to 50% of buyers
choose the exhibitor who contacts them first
Only 57% of companies
have specific goals for their participation in trade shows
do not agree on how they define trade show success across teams in the organization
0 %
of companies have specific goals for their participation in trade shows
0 %
of buyers opt for the exhibitor who reaches out to them first
0 %


We look at some of the biggest pains in trade show planning, and help you overcome them in an easy, and manageable way. No 6-hour videos. Just short, and to the point. 


We’ll give you the tools to align, motivate, and train your trade show staff, so that everyone knows how to give guests the best experience, and which objectives to aim for. 


Your trade show results will be clear, and you’ll know if you have meet your objectives. By knowing this, you know what to do different, and optimize for next time. 

+30 years of industry-specific trade show and event knowledge

and training of +10.000 professionals

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Meet the Expert Jakob Dyrbye

With 28+ years of experience within the trade show and event industry, and hosting hundreds of seminars, workshops, lectures, and kick-off meetings.

Having thousands of guests talking about everything that moves within the industry of trade shows, exhibitions, events, and experiences. 

Jakob is the “go-to-guy”, the living face-to-face marketing toolbox. 

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