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Partner up with The Trade Show Academy

As a partner you can achieve an advantageous position that will benefit your customers and exhibitors and help them achieve more success with their fairs, events or other face-to-face marketing activities. 

From a marketing perspective, this will give you an additional platform to:

  • Communicate and act through
  • Collect data 
  • Co-develop
  • Retain customers 

Add more value to your business relations

If you are a venue owner or organiser of events and fairs, you have a lot of practical information for the exhibitors, but probably not value-creating insights on “how to get the most out of your trade fair stand/participation”. 

This is where The Trade Show Academy comes in play. 

By combing your knowledge with our insights, we believe you can achieve more frequent and favorable contact with your customers, add more value to your business relation and stay top-of-mind. 

Who can become a partner?

Whether you are a venue owner, organizer, reseller or distributor, you can become a partner. 

What will you gain from a partnership?

Beyond accessing an attractive brand and marketing position, you can design your own online library, where you mix and match from our courses, tools and services (webinars, seminars, 1:1 sparring) that is suitable for you and your clients. 

In addition, we can develop interactive, virtual, hybrid and in-person solutions to target both those who is in search of their next event location, the customers who is deciding which supplier to choose, and those who cannot attend a certain event.

How do I get started?

Please reach out to us, should you wish to engage in a partnership. 

Partnership models

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Meet the Expert Jakob Dyrbye

With 28+ years of experience within the trade show and event industry, Jakob is the “go-to-guy”, the living face-to-face marketing toolbox. 

He has hosted hundreds of seminars, workshops, lectures, and kick-off meetings for thousands of guests talking about everything that moves within the industry of trade shows, exhibitions, events, and experiences.

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