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Top 3 Trade Show Trends 2024

As the trade show and event landscape continuously change, it’s both vital and exciting to follow the trends that shape the industry. In this article, we will guide you through 3 big trends. Sprinkled with insights from Jakob Dyrbye, Jacob Nedergaard and Michael Helm, observations, examples and tips on how to implement them.

3 Takeaways: New Trends and Technologies at ISE 2024

Discover what we learned at this year’s Integrated System Europe (ISE) exhibition in Barcelona. With observations and examples. 

Who is Responsible for Your Trade Show Success?

68% don’t agree internally on how to define success. Get expert Jakob Dyrbye’s take and his 3 best tips for more trade show success.

Dos and Don’ts on the Trade Show Floor

Find out how to increase your trade show performance

How to Attract Guests to Visit Your Trade Show Booth

Give guests a reason to visit your trade fair booth that they don’t get from just Googling your company. 

5 Ways to Reduce Your Trade Show Marketing Costs

Worried about the escalating trade show expenses? This quick guide may help with just that.

4 Tips to Make Your Trade Fair Presence Value-Creating

Trade show equipment and materials are secondary. Value creation is primary.

5 Ways to Improve Your Trade Show Outcome

Keep what you promise and get more orders in the book. 

How to Turn Leads Into Potential Customers

And find out why 200 leads often are more valuable than 2000. 

7 Effective Tips for a Successful Trade Fair

Planning is essential to map out your business activities. Here are 7 tips to maximize your trade show and event outcome. 

6 Tips for Better Lead Generation

Learn how to create better lead generation at your trade fair stand. 

Map the Customer Journey

Personal meetings and in-person events play a pivotal role in shaping the customer journey. By understanding the different stages and touchpoints, you can create a much more seamless experience. 

8 Remarkable Ways to Improve Your Exhibition Attendance

It’s often the small things which you can do that will have a huge impact. 

Unlocking the Power of Trade Shows: Client Meetings in Disguise

Discover the benefits of trade shows and how they are essentially a series of client meetings in disguise. And get 6 quick tips to book more client meetings.

7 benefits of face-to-face marketing - and why it still matters in 2024

It’s about the smile. The eye contact. The handshake. The body language. The ability to see, feel, touch and interact that truly empowers companies to build a deep connection with their customers.

Can you afford NOT to train
your team?

“It is essential for a company’s success that both management and employees continuously get the necessary (formal) trade show and event training. 

Countless man-hours and vast economic resources go into trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, events, and experiences around the world. Yet very few of us can pinpoint the specific benefits these investments provide, why I ask: can you afford not to train your team?”

– Jakob Dyrbye, Trade Show Expert

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