Summary from webinar DI Danish Commerce Sep. 2023

Who is responsible for success
at trade shows and events?

Out of 135 participants:

… believe there is a lack of internal agreement on trade show success. 
… are considering attending trade shows in the future.

In collaboration with DI Danish Commerce, we hosted a webinar called “How to Achieve Success with Trade Shows in The Future” (Danish). An exciting debate about processes, behavior, and outcome – before, during and after the trade show was the main focus of the day.

Many people spend 90-100% of their time before an exhibition on practicalities and logistics, but either forget or don't have time to spare for value creation. Stand design. Sustainability. Customer journeys. Leads. Training of stand staff. How we create the optimal meeting between people. This narrative will become even more important in the future.”

During the 1-hour webinar, the 135 participants answered questions about their position on developments in trade fairs and exhibitions. 

An interesting finding was that 68% said that don’t have internal agreement on how they define success across departments in the organization. 

This creates food for thought, believes Jakob Dyrbye. According to him, this is crucial information, if we want to answer the CFO’s well-intentioned, yet precise question; what do we get for our money? 

When we at The Trade Show Academy work with fairs. We always ask our customers:
Why do you attend the fair? What does success look like for your business? Who owns it?

If you cannot answer this across departments, it is quite difficult to gain insight, measure and celebrate – and essentially know what you get from your investment."

3 tips from the expert to achieve more success with trade shows in the future

3 tips from the expert to achieve more success with trade shows in the future

1. People first. Stand second.

It sounds obvious, but very often we hear that a given exhibitor hopes that many and even the “right” guests will come. Hope is good, but also very fluffy. Think about it, we have designed a remarkable exhibition stand that we hope will attract guests. When we think about trade fairs in the future, it is important to consider whether you have the right process at hand.

2. Buy-in throughout the entire organisation

Success with the fair should go from being a departmental matter to a corporate matter. Make sure that the entire company – from management to sales, including HR and marketing – supports the fair by having clear goals and objectives, AND together can share and celebrate the results achieved after the fair.

2. Design next steps

Think about the fair before, during and after. What can the fair do, what SHOULD it do for you, and what is the natural next step for both you AND your guest?

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"How to Achieve Success with Trade Shows in the Future (Danish)

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We therefore hope you would like to continue and nuance the dialogue together at our seminar in collaboration with Di Danish Commerce on Thursday 25, January 2024.

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