Announcement: New Partnership with Odense Congress Center

Enhancing Trade Shows and Event Education

Trade shows and events are a huge sales and marketing discipline. It requires time, money, and energy, as well as objectives, execution, and measurability. That is why [continuous] education is key for trade show success. 

We are thrilled to announce a pioneering partnership with venue and organizer, Odense Congress Center. Together, we aim to shape the future landscape of trade shows – with a promise to empower exhibitors through education like never before.

High-Quality Training for Professionals

Odense Congress Center shares our commitment to raising the bar for trade show education. Renowned for its expertise and innovation in the trade show industry, Odense Congress Center brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to our collaboration.

At The Trade Show Academy, we are dedicated to providing high-quality online trade show training tailored to exhibitors and professionals working with trade show management. The online courses are designed with the ambition to provide the skills and knowledge crucial for trade show success.

We have over the years observed a growing need for skill development within trade show participation. We have spoken with exhibitors and organizers who have expressed a desire for guidance and assistance in elevating the standards for trade shows in Denmark. This includes aspects such as design and booth layout, training booth staff for lead generation, and post-show follow-up.

Go-to Destination for Trade Show Education

To achieve just that, we have in collaboration created Messeakademiet – a Danish, mini-version of The Trade Show Academy for Odense Congress Center’s exhibitors and organizers. They are offered a series of videos, guiding them through the trade show journey from idea generation to evaluation prior to their events.

This partnership represents a significant milestone in our mission to provide top-notch education to professionals worldwide. By collaborating with Odense Congress Center, we strengthen our common position as the go-to destination for trade show education, attracting more learners and expanding our shared reach.

Our goal is to support and promote growth within the trade show industry and create an even better experience at every event – regardless of the industry, company size, or experience level.

Did you know...
85% of an exhibitor's success depends on the booth staff's performance?

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