8 Remarkable Ways to Improve
Your Exhibition Attendance
It is often the small adjustments that will help you get to the finish line and improve results when you are present at a trade fair.
These tips and tricks we will share with you.

Set Clear Objectives

Can you go to the fair without goals? Sure. 

But with clear goals and objectives for the trade show, it becomes both easier and more targeted when you have to plan and design everything from the trade show booth to the follow-up process.

SO, always start the fair planning by asking:

It is so different from company to company what success is. It is just important that you know what your goal is in order to get there.

With your goals and objectives in place, it’s time to develop a message and concept for your booth. We recommend choosing three main messages and support them with a thought-through concept. 

Concept and Message

Hardware and Logistics

Check your exhibition gear

Your exhibition system should be able to deliver what you have planned for.

Find out what it takes to get your brand messages and concepts to perform well and stand out at your trade show booth. 

Explore whether the messages need to be adjusted, the graphics replaced or the trade show booth needs to be arranged differently, so that it supports the concept, the messages and the activities.

Make an agreement with your exhibition supplier and hear how they can help with possible changes.

Experience your trade fair booth through the lens of an architect:

Organize your booth in zones and plan the right journey at the right time for your guests. When you do so, ask yourself: 

  • Where do you welcome the guest?
  • Where can the guest try your product?
  • Where do you collect lead information?

Arrange your booth in zones and dedicate it to your messages and activities.

Plan the perfect journey around the zones for your guests. Make sure to personalize their journey, so it will be an memorable experience. 

Flow, zones and activities

Design and Graphics

Your design and graphics need to be aligned between the business goals and your customer’s goals.

Essentially, so that you communicate the right message at the right time to the right type of customer.

Depending on the type of trade show, size of the trade show booth and placement you will be able add-on several communication effects to make your brand messages clear.

Guests need to be able to decode your messages quickly and from a long distance. Test your communication on your stand with two tests:

Test Your communication

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Trade Show Staff Training

Choosing the right staff is paramount! Train your team and reach your goals for the fair. Organize a kick-off meeting before the fair and focus on:

In other words, dedicate time to both engaging with guests and focusing on your objectives. 

Start your follow up process before the fair

Following up on leads is a problem for many trade fair exhibitors. However, the more you plan before the fair, the greater the probability of reaching your goals after the trade fair in your follow-up process. 

Schedule, book time in the calendar and have all the materials you need to perform well ready. Before the fair starts, it must be very clear:

Make a Plan for Follow-Up

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