How to Design the Perfect Stand

Exhibition Stand Design

How to create a value creating booth and WOW-factor using visual means to capture and retain visitors. 

Exhibition Stand Design: How to design a value creating stand with WOW-factor
The course that will take you through the underlying factors of designing a stand and how to use visual means to capture and retain visitors - without crashing your budget

Dream of creating a stand that is both visually appealing and effective?

Everyone wants an eye-catching exhibition booth. But do you also want:

... A stand that sets you apart from your competitors

… A stand that attracts not only customers, but the right customers, at the right time 

… A stand that helps you fulfill your business goals and objectives 

By taking this course, we’ll teach you different visual and communicative effects to execute design briefs for exhibition stands that meet your objectives and make a lasting impression on your target audience.

Our course in Exhibition Stand Design is designed to be both accessible and available for trained trade show professionals and newcomers providing you with definitions, tools and useful examples relating to trade show and events.  

Knowledge you can expect to gain:

By taking this course, you’ll be able to approach exhibition stand design with a fresh perspective and create stands that are not only visually stunning but also highly effective in achieving your business objectives. 

Course Blocks: 6 Modules

We will briefly introduce the course and what you can expect to gain throughout the lessons.

Exploring the benefits of prioritizing value creation to a stronger degree in comparison to logistics and how this effects the customer journey and touchpoints in relation to exhibition stand design.

We’ll dive into elements of effective exhibition stand design, how to create impactful graphics and messaging and answer your burning question:
what does the perfect exhibition stand look like?

To implement the knowledge from the courses, we here introduce:

1) Stand Guide: Think Like An Architect”
2) A 3D Stand Design Tool to Navigate the Booth Zones 

Practical ideas and techniques for reusing and customizing your stand to different areas within your business to make the most of your investment in your trade show booth.

We’ll sum up the course and provide you with the most important information to take away from the Exhibition Stand Design Course. 

Meet your instructor​

Meet your instructor, Jakob Dyrbye

Jakob Dyrbye is a trade show and event expert with 28 years of experience (and counting) who has worked with companies such as Siemens, Carlsberg, Unilever and The Danish Armed Forces. 

He has a master’s degree in business administration and postgraduate courses with IAA from Reklameskolen and Customer Management Experience from Global CEM. 

He’s the owner of design and exhibition agency, Faust Dyrbye that:

Since 2009 he’s held kick-offs, seminars, webinars for +7000 trade show, event, and marketing professionals in Denmark and abroad. He’s also spent countless hours at exhibitions and trade shows around the world as a professional observer and partner. 

Is this course right for you?

Can you recognize any of these problems or challenges?

This is also for you who: 


… Just for you, when you enroll in our ‘Exhibition Stand Design’ Course. 

The “Think Like an Architect” Design Guide is a must-have resource for anyone looking to create amazing exhibition stands. It will also provide grounds for more effective communication with designers and art directors, making the process smoother. 

Bonus #1 Exhibition Stand Guide

As a bonus, we’ve put together a design guide called “Think Like an Architect” and included it in your course as a helpful resource to create memorable exhibition stands. 

If you’ve ever walked into a beautifully designed building and felt a sense of awe and wonder, you know the power of good design. And just like architects use principles of design to create amazing buildings, you can use those same principles to create an amazing exhibition stand.

Our design guide breaks down the key principles of design in a way that’s easy to understand with a specific example to help you visualize how they work.

Just like the architect, you’ll learn the tools of:

1) Preparing, 2) examining, 3) defining, 4) analyzing and 5) designing

This covers addressing the target audience, concept development, trade show flows, zones, form, and function. 

Bonus #2 3D Stand Design Tool

When you sign up to this course, you’ll get another exclusive bonus – a 3D stand design tool that allows you to explore different predefined examples of exhibition stands and see how they look from different angles and perspectives.

We understand that sometimes it can be hard to visualize how your stand will look and feel before it’s actually built. This way, you can put your newly learned skills and knowledge to the test.

You can explore different layouts, colors, graphics, and branding to get ideas for what might work best for your business. You can even get a better sense of how different lighting effects and soundscapes can create a truly immersive experience for your visitors.

By using this tool, you can get inspiration for your own stand communication and learn from successful designs that have worked for other businesses.

The best part? Our 3D tool is easy to use and requires no special skills or software. You can access from anywhere and explore the different examples at your own pace.

… But the best of it all: 

Bonus #3 An extra course - completely FREE

The last bonus you get is nothing less than access to the most important course of them all: ‘Setting Clear Objectives – From Guesswork To Documented Results’

Defining your objectives is where we recommend you to start. Actually, we don’t just recommend it. You need to start here. If you can only change one thing, let it be this. It is the fundamental to success at any trade show or event. 

To give the best trade show performance, you need to know your objectives. And how to deliver on them. That is what this course will give you.

The course will automatically show up in your personal online library. And then you can watch as many times as you want. Happy learning! 

1) Integrating value creation into exhibitions

Exploring the benefits of prioritizing value creation to a stronger degree in comparison to logistics and how this effects the customer journey and touchpoints in relation to exhibition stand design.

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2) What does the perfect stand look like?

We’ll dive into elements of effective exhibition stand design, how to create impactful graphics and messaging and answer your burning question:
what does the perfect exhibition stand look like?

3) Maximizing your investment: Reuse and Rescaling 

Practical ideas and techniques for reusing and customizing your stand to different areas within your business to make the most of your investment in your trade show booth.

We always end with a recap to highlight key takeaways and the most important nuggets of wisdom for this specific course.

Should you wish to receive personalized feedback from our expert instructor or get an answer to your questions, you are more than welcome to reach out at contact@thetradeshowacademy.com  

Still need a little convincing?
Here are 3 great benefits
#1 Target your audience
With an approach that has your customer front and center, you can design your stand with communication that attracts the right customers at the right time.
#2 Branded Storytelling
What story do you want to tell your guests, and how do you want to guide them through different touchpoints throughout their customer journey? We'll guide you!
#3 Techniques and Tactics
We'll go into depth about ways to heighten your exhibition attendance. Even if your floor space is small and your marketing budget is tight. 


  • You do not need any prior experience within trade shows, events, or marketing. No matter if you are a beginner (first time participating at a trade show or event) or you’ve been in the game for a long time, there will be valuable information for you to learn.

The cost of the PAINSTORM course is € 295 (+VAT), which includes video lessons, tools and exercises. You also get free access to our mobile app. 

If you want a tailored solution for your team or business please reach out to us here 

This is 100% online video course. It will introduce you to lead generation and guide you through the building blocks of creating optimized lead generation processes with hands-on tools, exercises, and examples, so you can take in the knowledge and apply it – well, right away.  

The modules are broken down into snack-sized video lessons that can be completed in as little as 5-10 minutes per day. Once you’ve paid for the course(s), there is no waiting line – you have access right away and can start learning.
Plus, you’ll have access to the course material forever, so you can revisit the content at any time. Completely stress-free.

You don’t even have to leave your spot in your office, your couch, or whichever seating you prefer. 

If that doesn’t sound awesome, we’re not sure what does. Think of it as an investment in your professional development that pays off in the long run. 

*Read more about lifetime access here 

Your Bonus Course

As a bonus for enrolling in this trade show course, we’re giving you free access to our ‘Set Clear Objectives and Achieve Measurable Results’ course.

Our mindset and all our knowledge is built around this:
When you know, what your objectives are, it will make it 100 times easier to measure the return on them. That’s why it’s always included, when you purchase any one of our courses. 

What you can expect to gain from the course:

This will help you set your team up for success before they even step foot on the trade show floor. By having clear objectives in place, you’ll be able to measure your performance and achieve your goals. ENJOY!

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