Tip #1 - The 3-Second Test

Did you know, you have ONLY 3 seconds to capture your guests’ attention?

Only 3 seconds. 

This is about as long as it takes to walk past a smaller trade booth.

In those 3 seconds, you have to manage to tell the guest: 1) who you are and 2) What you sell/offer. Otherwise I pass by. And maybe all the other guests do too.

Because it is often difficult, even sometimes almost impossible to decode what is sold at the different booths at trade shows or events.

The messages are drowned in even more messages, logos and large amounts of text [that are rarely read].

Or the complete opposite where the only graphic is a logo, but unfortunately no information for the guests about your product or service.

I and the other fair visitors can’t see that exactly what you are selling will solve ALL my problems [emphasis added, of course].

So I move on.

Maybe over to your competitor. And your competitor sells exactly the same as you, but here I am greeted by a clear message.

That’s why I visit their stand. And buy the products they sell. Instead of yours.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this. And it only take three seconds. 

The solution? Take the 3-second test

... To find out whether your booth messages are clear enough to get visitors to stop

If you can give your guests a clear answer to these questions:

They will already have one foot over the floor carpet within your booth. Now they know you can help them.

We hope that this tip was helpful, and that you’ll try it out before your next trade show. Remember to look out for your tip number 2 in your inbox! 


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Make it easy to keep your promises ...

With explicit goals and a well-defined target group, motivated staff, and systematic (and digital) collection of leads, the follow-up will be piece of cake. The only thing it requires is that you have complete control over these 5 areas: 

1. Hot leads

Which leads do you need to take home to achieve your goals – what characterizes a good, hot lead for you?  

2. Ask the right thing

What information do you need to collect about your guests/leads, in order to be able to follow up purposefully – what do you need to remember to get answers to and permission for?

3. Packed and ready

What will you follow up with and how will you send out the material? Have brochures, prices, pdfs, etc. ready before you leave.

4. Collect (digital) business cards

How do you collect leads to streamlining the following-up process – do you have the right (digital) tools available?

5. From lead to a sale

Who does what, when? How do you easily and quickly get your leads into your CRM so that they are part of the existing sales process?  

Easy and targeted follow-up starts before the fair. Mindset, ownership, internship, and time in the calendar must be aligned and fine-tuned so that your promises do not become unmanageable to keep when you return from the fair. 

And just to return to my friend from the Euro Shop – my path to becoming a customer with him, could have been much smoother if he had been completely focused on the above 5 areas – and had he kept what he promised … 

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