ARDEX Gmbh is a one of the leading manufacturers of fillers, tile adhesives, sealants and the likes for the construction industry.
They also offer the expertise and knowledge of skilled technicians and consultants. 
The Objective for Course Purchases
The Number of People Who Purchased
Increase in Purchases
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Increasing Awareness and Course Sign Ups for ArdexAcademy

Ardex wanted to increase awareness of their ArdexAcademy and get clients and new customers to sign up for this membership. They had previously attended trade fairs and exhibitions, but unsure what they gained from event and without any data to back up their investments. Therefore they wanted to achieve: 

Introducing Objectives
and Designing the Customer Journey

To make their objectives clear and measurable, we asked Ardex how many sign ups and course purchases they wanted. Out of 20.000 participants, they considered who were directly in their target group, which was around 1200 (6%). Out of these 1200 we asked them how many they realistically anticipated they could get to sign up. Their answer were 30 people. 

From here we mapped out their brand story, what journey the customer should go through from entering the stand to signing up to ArdexAcademy and exactly which staff member would say and do what. 

By writing down their objectives and prepping their staff members, Ardex changed their narrative. They knew exactly what to expect and how to measure their performance and outcome. 

"Analyzing each square meter of the exhibition stand, the target group and the likelihood of attendance helped align their efforts and team throughout the whole process. They got a 53% increase in course purchases, which was their primary purpose for attending. They were very excited."

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