Gjensidige Forsikring

Gjensidige Forsikring is one of the leading Nordic insurance companies with more than 3.700 employees.

Each year they host roughly 60 events and activities with more than 3.000 participants.

They believe their participants enjoy the events, but lack insight into the real outcome of their efforts. 

Increased visibility and support of events
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“With the Event Blender and ROI-calculator we don’t just have specific insight into our many different events.
We also save a lot of time because our events are put into system before, during and after.”

How we helped Gjensidige

Introducing the Event Blender

We investigated Gjensidige’s face-to-face marketing from a to z and together we found what was needed was the Event Blender with 6 great ingredients. 

The result depends on the ingredients put in the blender: the guests, the events and the mindset of the company. The choice of both blender and ingredients are crucial for success.

To succeed, qualification, registration and access to the mailing list as well as an automation of invitations, tickets and evaluations needed to be in place. Furthermore, extraction of statistics on events, business cases and results was also a necessity to measure, evaluate and optimize. 

Ingredient 1: Guests

Guests such as end users, distributors, business partners and employees need to be evaluated for their potential via their data. 

This could be information like company, job position, level of decision-making, age and personal interests. It further includes their product interest and revenue potential. 

This allows to categorize the guests in different levels and plan each event for and with relevant guests. 

Ingredient 2: Events 

This step asses the potential of the event or trade fair itself. Answer questions like:

1. How many guests are attending?
2. How many guests can we facilitate?
3. What type of event is it? Sports, entertainment, professional? Event or exhibition?
4. What is the objective? Commercial/sales, branding/awareness, relations care or new businesses?

This will again allow the organization to categorize the event in levels of importance.

Ingredient 3: Venue Analysis

What type of venue is it? 100% owned, shared, no venue? Where and how can the guests be influenced?

To get the perfect customer journey, the experience must be designed with a focus creating peaks and a final (good) last impression.

Create flow with zones and activities. Systems, decoration, graphics, messages and other hardware must be considered. The (stand) staff must be trained in roles and responsibilities.

Now the venue can be categorized in levels of importance/relevance.

Ingredient 4: Business Case

Regardless of the kind of event, a business case gives a realistic idea of the scope:

1. internal and external costs
2. Resources and time consumption

By zooming in on the individual guest or group of guests, the potential becomes clear

Ingredient 5: Internal Marketing

Support and buy-in within the walls of the organization is crucial. Gain followership by focusing on the internal target audience:
users of the event platform, sales, marketing, the entire organization.

Implementation of new procedures before and after as well as entering guest data and reporting back results are all commercial tools that contribute to the business.

Ingredient 6: Visible Results

Make the results visible throughout the organization through benchmarking and reporting. Share and celebrate the success!


The insurance company has achieved its goal through measurement, insight and action.

There has a mix & match of various activities and events. In the right way. Activities have been selected and deselected. Customer experiences improved. Full visibility and support throughout the organization has been achieved. The processes have become more efficient.

And there has been a focus on both ROO (Return of Objective) and ROI (Return of Investment).

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