The Two Gears: From Logistics to Value Creation
Listen to trade show and event expert, Jakob Dyrbye explain what the two gears are, how we can use it and why it is important.  Don't have the time to watch the video or feel more like reading? You'll find a recap of the video below. 

The first gear: Logistics

The first gear is logistics. Logistics is all the work that you do, which has a practical character.

We respect that these things take time and require a lot of energy and hard work. Not many people understand how much time goes into actually being able to to make this gear you know, turn and turn.

So many iterations, so many checks, so many follow up procedures, so many times you have to ask let’s say sales or communication for text or any editorial elements.

The Second gear: Value Creation

After the financial crisis, especially the CFO and CEO start to think about: We invest X amount of money, what did we gain? What was the return of our investment?

And right now we may spend 90% of our time on logistics, and maybe only 10% on value creation.

I say, we need to change this to make value creation be an integral part of running, organizing and coordinating an event to get real insight on ‘How did it go at the trade fair? 

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Meet the Expert Jakob Dyrbye

With 28+ years of experience within the trade show and event industry and hosting hundreds of seminars, workshops, lectures, and kick-off meetings, having thousands of guests talking about everything that moves within the industry of trade shows, exhibitions, events, and experiences, Jakob is the “go-to-guy”, the living face-to-face marketing toolbox. 

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