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GEA is one of the world’s largest system suppliers for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors.
Since their early start in 1881, their advanced process technology is used across the globe to enhance sustainability and efficiency of production processes.

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Increasing Awareness with new
Communication and Branding Concept

GEA wish to increase the knowledge of GEA Process Engineering to attract and recruit talented people applying for a second job. 

They’ve sought out us to provide dem with sparring and to give them a brand new perspective on stand design and value creation. Our aim was to help GEA:

Jakob and his team have helped structure all our trade fair activities
from creating an idea catalogue, objectives, follow-up process
to developing an effective employer branding and HR strategy.
This has made it possible to see actual, measurable results.

Introducing The THINK Framework

We want to bury ‘business as usual’. To rethink and improve the processes that create better results and success. To take advantage of a unique opportunity to enter dialogue with customers and achieve both personal and measurable results.

The customer’s projects and ideas create the content. The THINK-model gives you the framework. Think outside the box. Think new. Think big. 

This framework we used together with GEA to create the perfect approach to their exhibition and recruitment strategy. 


1. Set goals and objectives 
2. Identify target customers 
3. Define timings 
4. Develop concepts 
5. Choose exhibition systems 
6. Prepare and coordinate


7. Divide stand into zones 
8. Create workflow
9. Train staff and conduct workshops
10. Write up activities
11. Prepare stand materials
12. Prepare handouts 


13. Develop and set up stand
14. Send out invitations 
15. Meet stand guests
16. Identify leads
17. Count activities 
18. Take down stand
19. Move stand materials to storage or reuse in showroom  


20. Measure with respect to objectives 
21. Write down realized numbers for measuring points and calculate results
22. Evaluate on exhibition outcomes
23. Initiate follow-up on leads
24. THINK about next steps 


GPE wished to:

  • Create a modern communication with emotional anchoring
  • Have better involvement and retention of the target group
  • Increase knowledge of their brand (100% in permissions) and growth of participants for their open house
  • Build a structured lead process (speed and qualification) with a 2-day follow-up and 50% response


84% increased knowledge after the event. Of the asked, 57% did not know GEA when visiting. 268 people wrote on the ‘YOU’ wall as part of the new strategy to attract and involve visitors. 142 people registered for their open house. Of the 250 people they invited, 200 guests showed up (80%) to which they easily can follow-up, as they know, who they are. 

Other Exciting Cases

A workshop with Jakob is the way to achieve more value, understanding and noticeable change within trade shows and events

“Jakob conveyed the material in an easy-to-understand, effective and professional manner. He had familiarized himself with who we are as a company and our target group.

We left with a noticeable change – new and useful knowledge, a shared understanding and alignment, and concrete tools to strengthen value creation in our trade show work. I can highly recommend.”

– Mette Skovgaard Petersen
Head of Communication and Marketing at Wicotec Kirkebjerg

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